About K.S.

Kronen & Söhne, "KS", which is established in1992 in Germany, means Crown and Son. The chief designer Mr. Ludwig van der Waals injects a tale of valor into his works of art. From 1992 on, Mr. Ludwig van der Waals is engaging in designing the most suitable and decent watches for men with the outstanding watch composing technology.

As it has developed for almost 20 years, it has given people some unforgettable watches, such as Transcen. Simultaneously, Ludwig is endeavoring to offer the best watch with his designer team and developing the most outstanding watch composing technology such as TECT(Tiny equipment composing technology). It gives people exciting gifts and buoyant moment for wearing the watches. That is the reason why KS gains such reputations from worldwide customers.

Meanwhile, KS is not only offering watches but also offering other men accessories. In 2005, KS has reached other men accessories manufacturing. It offers tie clips and cuff links as well. As the days go by, it becomes a symbol of decency and a sign of elegance in this field.

KS Concept:

Kronen & Söhne means crown and son. It is a tale of valor because of a brand new watch design concept and composing technology. KS is endeavoring to make watches that run forever. It is the meaning of Söhne in KS. KS always makes watches with the outstanding designing concept and idea. KS also means reputation and courage. It always designs watches with bold attempts and ideas. That is the reason why KS does not give customers and watch makers any remorse and repentance for each watch.

Defections and flaws are not acceptable because the designer team is pursuing a perfect mechanical watch. Perhaps, this is the main reason for reputations of its watches from customers.