A Single Number

Tradition of Movement

"Kronen & Soehne", fulfilling its commitment for top quality mechanical watches, could not but stay faithful to the traditional mechanical movement - including automatic and hand winding - which is maintained in every KS watch from the establishment of the brand. The precision and complexity of the mechanical movement add an unlimited sense of art and mystery on a KS watch.

The secret signature

"Kronen & Soehne" Signature

Our signature is a guarantee of quality and innovation and can be found on every crown, case back and buckle on the watch band. Under the regulations of Kronen & Soehne Strict Quality Control, only original, qualified parts can be signed on.

Engine-turned dials

Art of Dial

After the components and functional parts of the watch have been made, our specialized and talented decoration and engraving workshops take on the task of giving them a fitting and sophisticated character. These refined finishes are the distinguishing mark of our fine watch making and proof of our promise for attention to detail.

KS hands

Unique Hands

"Kronen & Soehne" watches have for almost 20 years now featured a unique design in watch hands, that was established by its founder and has been honored and celebrated since then. With minimal and slim lines that combine style and precision they became an instant success, introducing the term "KS hands" which would soon become common among watchmakers. Simple and easy to read, they are a regular characteristic of KS timepieces and have been imitated by others since.

KS numerals


Every "Kronen & Soehne" watch is assembled entirely by hand in one of our richly equipped workshops by a single watchmaker, with respect to the tradition of the watchmakers' craft. We select our watchmakers with regard and consideration and that means that a qualified KS watchmaker has to have at least three years of experience in the art and craft that is watch making.


Leather Craftsmanship

KS has a very selective process to choose the materials used for its leather goods and accessories. Each piece is made to last for years and remain in great condition. Expert craftsmanship is combined with modern style to present you a final product that will add to perfect finishing touch to your look.